The Spirit of Counsel

March 19, 2024
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Text: Isaiah 11:2, John 14:16,26,Isaiah 30: 21,Isaiah 9:6, Psalm 16:7, Acts 8:26-29, Acts 11:11-12, Acts 13:4.


Jesus is the express image of God and the Holy Spirit is God in us. Jesus sent another version of Himself when he left the earth, the Holy Spirit who lives within us, he is equal to Jesus.


We have the dispensation of the old testament where the Holy Spirit came upon men to perform certain tasks but did not dwell in them, another dispensation came where God walked among men in the person of Jesus, now we are in a dispensation where the Holy Spirit lives within us, this is a beautiful mystery of the unveiling of God and his desire to be with man.


The bible is not a book of good stories for enjoyment, it is an invitation to a lifestyle. Do not read the bible and admire Jesus and his Disciples, rather be inspired and challenged to live as they lived.


God created us for intimacy, it’s always his desire to walk with men.


The teaching of the seven spirits of God gives an insight on what the Holy Spirit does on our inside. The more specific you are in your prayers about the Holy Spirit, the more specific the Holy Spirit is in bringing about his manifestation.


Isaiah 30

 21 And your ears shall hear a word behind you: “This is the way; walk in it,” when you would turn to the right or the left.



One of the best things you can do for yourself is to become intimately acquainted with the Spirit of Counsel, know what he sounds like, and what he feels like.


There’s a difference between not recognising the spirit of counsel when he speaks and hearing him but deliberately refusing to obey him. Get rid of rebellion and distrust. We must learn to trust that his instruction(s) if obeyed is best for us and that he has our best interest at heart.


The Spirit of counsel comes upon us to help us know what to do. He leads us to good success.


Isaiah 9

 6 His dominion is vast and forever peaceful, Upon David’s throne, and over his kingdom, which he confirms and sustains By judgment and justice, both now and forever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will do this!



Wonderful Counsellor in Isaiah 9:6 is translated Extraordinary Strategist in Hebrews. We should not be struggling in business, in our marriages, and all spheres of life because we have the Extraordinary Strategist to guide and help us.


Make a commitment to hear God’s voice and follow his instructions.

Do not live distant from God, he wants us to walk alongside him.


Psalms 16

 7 I bless the LORD who counsels me; even at night my heart exhorts me.



Acts of the Apostles 8

 26 Then the angel of the Lord spoke to Philip, “Get up and head south on the road that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza, the desert route.”  27 So he got up and set out. Now there was an Ethiopian eunuch, a court official of the Candace, that is, the queen of the Ethiopians, in charge of her entire treasury, who had come to Jerusalem to worship,  28 and was returning home. Seated in his chariot, he was reading the prophet Isaiah.  29 The Spirit said to Philip, “Go and join up with that chariot.” 



The Spirit of counsel can direct us to do things that can affect regions. The simple instruction from the Spirit of counsel to Phillip to get up and stand by the road, led to the extension of the gospel to Ethiopia, today Ethiopia is a Christian Nation.  eunuch,


The spirit of counsel can direct us to do things that can affect people groups.


Acts of the Apostles 11

 11 Just then three men appeared at the house where we were, who had been sent to me from Caesarea.  12 The Spirit told me to accompany them without discriminating. These six brothers also went with me, and we entered the man’s house. 



The spirit of counsel can help in selecting the right people for ministry as seen in Acts 13:4.

Acts of the Apostles 13

 4  So they, sent forth by the holy Spirit, went down to Seleucia and from there sailed to Cyprus. 



Cultural transformation is about influencing the seven mountains of influence. We ought to know the various mountains God has called us to and ensure we carry out the instructions he gives in order to fulfil our prophetic destinies.



  • Let us give God our disappointments. 
  • Let us break down every wall of distrust.
  • Help us be quick to obey your instructions.