The Lord Will Arise Upon You

April 7, 2024
The Lord Will Arise Upon You

You can live off the economy of heaven.

There will be two realities on earth in these last days; those who will be swallowed up by darkness and those who will arise according to the word of the Lord in Isaiah.

God will open doors that the economy and earthly government cannot shut. We are a spiritual government; we affect the things that happen. We should see ourselves as solutions.

You are not environmentally produced; you are produced in the realm of the spirit. The realm of the spirit is superior to the earthly realm, and we must live with this consciousness by enforcing our heavenly realities in the earthly realm.

There’s a world economy and a word economy. You can experience a different reality from the world’s reality. Heaven is not broke – out of resources. While the Egyptians experienced darkness in their land, the people of Isreal experienced light in Goshen. You can experience light in the midst of the darkness!

In the kingdom, faith is a medium of transaction; you will not get what you do not have faith for. It is beyond mental accent; faith has to rise in your heart.

The greatest need of the church is for more of God. We must press into more in God: more anointing, more encounters, more ideas, more finances, etc

Humans live by receiving, but God lives by giving. God wants to be connected to us and give us everything we have.

God wants you to know that he’s got you. You need to unhinge yourself from the reality on earth and focus on the possibilities available in God.

All things are possible to those who believe.

What to do in this season;


  • Wait upon the Lord; be silent before the Lord. Meditate.
    (It is easier to speak in tongues for three hours than to be silent before the Lord for an hour.)