The Help of GOD, The hand of man.

June 30, 2024
The Help of GOD, The hand of man.

At the Coming of the Holy Spirit, everyone spoke with different tongues (different languages of the nations), but even at that, the Jews did not understand that the Gentiles had been admitted and added to the body of Christ: into the grid. 

Acts 10:11- 44

When Peter had the vision of the sheet with clean and unclean animals, he still did not understand the shift that had already happened in the Spirit. However, while speaking to the men gathered at the house of Cornelius, the grid in his heart began to shift as he came to the understanding that God is not a respecter of persons (inclined to the Jews alone), As the grid in his heart began to shift, the Spirit of God came upon all those that were present. When we possess grids in our hearts, we have the potential to discount the supernatural and the moves of God.

Acts 15:1-20

If the leaders do not understand the moves of God or see the full picture, they have the tendency to limit the moves of God based on their understanding or the grid in their hearts (mindset). When prophetic help comes, you begin to see the hand of men inspired by God to bring new things, strategies, judgement, etc. bringing the advent of interesting seasons, which are seasons where everything could seem to be going wrong but God is moving massively in the background. It is also a season of strategies. We have come into an interesting season, where we must open the door fully for God to do everything He wants to do. We must allow Him to break our grids, creating enough space for Him to move. Without expanding our grids, we are like people who want to receive truck loads of water in 2 little containers. 

Luke 4:14-22

In this scripture, the Lord read out a scripture that described the grid that He had come to operate in: a grid of rulership Ps 2:9. We as Christians are those who must also operate in this grid the Lord spoke about, but if we do not understand this wholly, we cannot enter into all God has ordained in this season in fullness.

Eze 1:1-8, Dan 5:5

Every class of creation as described on the face of the Living Creatures in this scripture, had their specific interpretation.  The hand of man, as described in Ezekiel, marked the end of one reign and the beginning of a new one.

Isaiah 6:6-7.

In this season, the hand of man, inspired by God, will bring about an upgrade where we will begin to see and speak more clearly.

1 Kings 18:44

As we see the hand of man, we need to discern the parameters involved whole seasons shutting down, new seasons coming, and an upgrade in the spirit.

For some of us, God wants to bless us greatly and give us Isaac and sons as plenteous as the stars in the sky, but we are still thinking about Ishmael. We can be in a place and season of abundance but still find many hungry amongst us

Isaiah 55:1.

We have a strong wave of discouragement going on in this season to steal our joy and have us disconnect ourselves from what is available in this season. There is something called the power of an endless life, like in Melchizedek, and this can rest upon our lives and finances. When the Lord says, Come without money and buy, it works. The coming months  will be different for us, Favor will hit us like never before, with voices in places you thought you had none. Prepare for the rain, plough into the season; and prepare to receive like you have never received.

When you say Lord, I want this, the Lord laughs and say ask me for something bigger. We think as Christians our goal is to just get to heaven, but here on earth our goal is to disciple nations, to replace powers in the place of rulership, to grow massively in the spirit as sons and have cultures change.

God wanted to change the world, and He sent just one son. Imagine what will happen when millions of sons stand in the place the Father sent them. In this season our prayer has to be, “Lord change my grid”.