The Burden of Samson

June 2, 2024
The Burden of Samson

Text: Judges 13:1-21

Samson was a Danite, as well as the last Judge. Many of the judges before Samson did not have the call on their lives from birth but took responsibility at some point in their lives unlike Samson whose call was from birth. 

Prophecy locates burdens; it rests on burdens in the hearts of people. People like Deborah and Gideon had qualities beyond their calling and it was a burden to see the house of Israel in order. Samson had a call on his life, but he did not have a burden in his heart.

You cannot receive burdens from the God you do not have. What eventually killed Samson was his unbridled desire. We cannot afford to live lives without burdens for the Lord and His Kingdom. Life is not worth living without burdens.

We must examine ourselves concerning the purpose of God for our lives and be sure that we have not lost the passion and burdens that pushed  us in that direction in the first place. What really powers what you refer to as your call, is it passion for God or a desire to be seen and acknowledged by men?

Intimacy is lifestyle, not worship. Your worship experience is not equal to your intimacy experience, it is beyond crying when your favorite song is raised. Your worship experience should be an expression of your intimacy with God.

The goal of intimacy is for God to put burdens inside of us, hence, the need to prioritize intimacy with God above everything else. It is in the secret place that we are able to carry the burdens of God. 

There is nothing honorable about carrying a burden that is not given to you by God. One man with a burden from God can change a nation.

The burden of God is what attracts the authority of God upon our lives. If the burden is from God, it will be backed by God.

Faith is powerful when mixed with a burden. We must ensure that our faith is attached to spiritual things and not carnal or natural things to carry out God’s purposes on earth.


  1. What am I willing to die for?
  2. What am I living for?


  1. Let us ask the Lord for burdens in the spheres of life he has called us to.
  2. Make us a house of burdens; hunger for what only you can satisfy
  3. We refuse to live lives without burdens
  4. Yoke us to yourself, your desires, and your heart.
  5. We receive the requisite energy needed to pursue the burdens of God in our hearts.