Prophetic Help has Come

June 23, 2024
Prophetic Help has Come

Acts 16:4-40, I Kings 17:1-13

Help in this context means the supply of the spirit; the intervention of God to do for you what you cannot do for yourself. 

Apostles are tasked with laying foundations for others to build upon; they are usually sent to break grounds in order for the people of God to experience with ease the things God would have them experience and come into. 

Apostles were sent to break grounds in Macedonia in Acts 16:4-40 through their prison experience; the prison guard (and his entire household) got saved because God sent Apostolic help his way, and in this season, God has sent apostolic help our way.

The Lord commanded Elijah to go to the woman at Zarephath, not necessarily to be helped by the woman but to help her, she was going to eat what was left with her son, and die but Apostolic help was sent her way.

Sometimes the Lord asks us to give, even when it is obvious we do not have so much, it is with the intent to help us if we obey him. 

God gives to Apostles for onward transmission; everything he receives is not for himself alone, but for the people as well.

God has sent help to centreport; God has opened doors that economies and nations cannot shut.

The life of God produces everything, it generates physical health, wealth, intelligence, and it has the ability to generate everything required for our growth and success.


What we must do:

The principle of faith has to be engaged to receive the help God is releasing to us in this season.