Discernment and Purity

March 24, 2024
Discernment and Purity

Text: Ephesians 1:1-18, Proverbs 3:5


The way to dominate in this world is to tap from another realm.

No man knows when the evil day approaches, hence, the need to prepare before it comes and how we do that is by listening for and following the leadings of the Spirit of God.

You are not humble because you are in a low place, you are humble when you have the ability to do certain things but restrict yourself from doing them. 

Man is God’s tool for reconciling all things to Himself. We were not just made to survive, we were made to fulfil God’s purpose on earth.

You cannot have the spirit of wisdom and revelation without intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Your level of revelation to the things around your life is tied to your level of intimacy with God.

There are realities you may never experience as a result of the lack of intimacy with the Holy Spirit. You may never know the possibilities in God until you draw closer to him.

The natural cannot redeem the supernatural but the supernatural can redeem the natural. Whatever you get by the Spirit will only be sustained by the Spirit and what you get by the flesh will be sustained by the flesh.

The devil’s plan is usually to attack your intimacy with God.

Christianity is a trap; it is like having the Holy Ghost installed in you and not being able to carry out the desires of the flesh because the Holy Ghost in you constrains you from fulfilling worldly desires.

Mount Zion is a mountain of many peaks and the goal is to keep going higher. 

We must acquire the spiritual intelligence required to keep going higher at every level of our lives.

The world rewards foolishness, are you willing to do that? If you are not going to do that, what do you know to do? This is one of the reasons we need to be intimate with the Holy Spirit to guide us on what to do per time because God has a supply and an anointing for this season.

One of the things we must receive from God aside from Spiritual Intelligence is Purity.

Purity is not only abstaining from smoking, sexual immorality, pornography and the likes, it is also ensuring our thoughts are pure before God according to his standards.

Consecration and Purity is very important. Psalm 24:4.

If you know the Holy Ghost, there are things you abstain from that are not necessarily sinful but are also not expedient; they do not edify.

The enemy comes to attack your consecration and purity in order to dampen your discernment.

Many Believers have forsaken the Fountain of Life and built systems for themselves that do not even work.


James 3:15-17.

Knowledge is required in discernment. You need Light (the Word) and the Spirit of Truth. One of the things you should do when God begins to lead you in a certain direction is to gain knowledge about that thing.

Your ability to hear God is required to be able to accurately discern and walk intimately with him.

Most of the time God leads us through a still voice in our hearts that would usually sound like our voice.

God leads people through body impulses, dreams, visions, and various other means.

Do not limit yourself to using only one bible translation, especially when you are finding it difficult to understand the text, use other translations.


Proverbs 9:10 ” The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”


Wisdom cannot be near you if you do not fear God. when a generation is far from God, they are far from wisdom. There is no Spiritual Intelligence outside the Holiness of God. 


We cannot be intimate with God and violate all his laws and principles. We must ensure we love Him the way he wants to be loved and not the way we desire to love him. Learn to speak his love language.


We ought to stay in the place of consistent abiding because that is how intimacy is built.



  • We ask for grace to do what needs to be done.
  • We drop our disappointments, frustrations and pain at his feet.