Pastor Ernest Paul

The Founder and Senior Pastor of CentrePort, Ernest Paul is also the Executive Director of TSL Global Initiatives and FreedomHouse Publishers. He has been functioning in prophetic ministry as a psalmist since 1988 and is widely recognized as a voice to this generation.


He served as the first administrator of the breakthrough School of Ministry in Nigeria, overseeing operations of some 13 schools across West Africa over a 7 year period.


Ernest has published 8 books, including “Unleashing the Sons of God”, “The Holy Unction” and “The Ministry of a Psalmist”. He repertoire has also includes 5 eBooks, one of which is the classical “All Things Are Yours”.


Besides providing leadership to the CentrePort leadership team, Ernest travels extensively as a conference speaker helping churches make the transition into the emergent Spiritual-Kingdom order or simply come abreast of God’s current speakings.


Pastor Robyn Abimbola Paul

Robyn Abimbola Paul is the Senior Associate Pastor of CentrePort. She is passionate about the person of God and teaches God’s word with a brilliant anointing to reveal the ways of God to hungry believers. She also operates with the supernatural gift of wisdom to bring divine counsel in very difficult situations. Robyn is also part of the CentrePort prophetic team.

A graduate of International Relations and Personal Management Robyn also has a passion for interior designs and has a certificate in this field. She resides in Abuja with her husband and their two children, Errita and John.


We exist to equip believers in this generation to mature into sonship.


To reveal the nature of God's Kingdom to people by modelling an apostolic community, and developing a prophetic lifestyle of witness, as well as equipping people to:

    1. Represent the Kingdom in every endeavour of their lives
    2. To live their highest calling
    3. Replicate Kingdom lifestyle in others