Welcome Note

We live in the best of times and the worst of times. We live in an era of decision. This is true, both globally as well as individually. Humanity as a whole has arrived at the point where the road parts in two, and we must decide which way to go. Nations must decide, as must each individual.

In a time when all seemed well and calm, the lone figure of a man could be seen working some timber for an ark he was building. By faith, Noah, warned of God of things not seen moved with fear, prepared an ark which later saved his household. Enabled by prophetic foresight Noah made his decision, and strengthened with apostolic resolve he manifested his decision, accurately crafting that which would thrive in the crisis yet-to-come.

The 11:11 sign of the Dec.2012 Winter solstice provided the world with perhaps its last, biggest warning to change course, to decide on a path which would save the world and guarantee a future, but the warnings were largely unheeded. Forever thus the trend of progress flows, unfettered, lawless spirits striving in vain, plunge headlong into a futureless future.

By and large the world has derailed and now stands in its historic course. See how the darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the people who seem to be suffering from collective amnesia and insanity.

However, unto the meek there arises light in the darkness. The true light now shines. Much is happening in the Kingdom of God.

A people of uncommon temperament is arising in the borderless church. They are like Noah. They have made a decision. They are like Elijah, they know on which side they are; they are like Jesus, the fate of the many rests upon their faith.

CentrePort is a rallying point for these sort of men and women. CentrePort celebrates the emergence of these sons of God. CentrePort is committed to nurturing and equipping these warriors of the New Millenium. CentrePort is concerned with the divine interest and securing the rights of God in the hearts of men. Our singular passion is Jesus. He must be the centre, for through Him, by Him and unto Him are all things. And in Him all things hold together.

He is CentrePort.


Ernest & Robyn Paul