The Tabernacle Of David 4

People are finding new thoughts and they are experiencing new breakthroughs in their minds. Breakthrough in science happened because somebody found a new thought.

God is always breaking through boundaries so that His kingdom can flow into new places. The church which is the principal kingdom agent in the earth is the source of new kingdom expressions.

If we would describe the church using the water lexicon, the church is a flowing stream. The church is a flow. The church is not a stagnant body of water that is not fed externally. The church started somewhere and she is evolving.

What you see in the book of Acts is not all that there is to church. The church in Acts is church in the beginning: that early church contained the principles of what should be; that was its starting point. We saw early church like we saw early primitive man – he was not fully developed.

When Jesus said, “I would build my church,” He knew what He was saying. The church is being crafted by divine hands. The metaphor for that in the natural is that, the caterpillar is becoming a butterfly. That slimy caterpillar, her true beauty is revealed in her complete metamorphosis.

The caterpillar is another era of the butterfly’s life. What differentiates the two of them is time and process. Many people do not want to embark on the journey of transformation but the process invested over time leads to the evolvement of the caterpillar into a butterfly.

Christ is coming for a glorious matured church which does not have spot or wrinkle. Rapture is not a bail out package. It is that which would happen at the consummation of the beauty of the church – when the spirit and the bride says come!

It is in the labour of faith that we engage these things. The things of God are becoming naturally supernatural in our day. Amen.

Amos 9:11 In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof; and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old:

If this scripture is not important, God will not do it. God does things to bring in redemption, and also for us to obtain the kingdom. We are on a journey of obtaining the kingdom. Our pursuit is the pursuit of the kingdom. That thing that entered, mastered, and colonised heaven will be revealed here: that thing was shaped according to the nature of the king in heaven.

The central theme of Christianity is not at all earthly but heavenly. The things we seek are not these earthly things; we seek the kingdom of God in the earth. We must seek the reality that mastered and colonized heaven. We must seek the coming of the kingdom. Our lives are written in an order that is outside of time. Just as Adam gave birth to his children after the fall, Christ birthed us into His family after His ascension.

Hebrews 12:26 Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven.

The crisis of the world are actually tools that are used for the shaking that is coming. These are not the times to cry about these crises and stay on that thought. Instead, we must seek something that is more than anything in this world.

That scripture depicts that even in the midst of the crisis, we (the church) will be receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken. The church is very much concerned about the crises that is happening in the Nation, but we also know that God is the one orchestrating these things for the furtherance of His kingdom.

Our president is not the highest say in the land: God is. Nebuchadnezzar is an example of a king who God sent into the forest to live like an animal for seven years so that he could learn a lesson that, God still rules in the affairs of men. So we are not totally afraid of how the system of government is being run now because only God has the final say in these matters.

We must learn to seek wisdom that sees above the physical reality. God still rules in the affairs of men. It is by God’s will that anything happens in this earth. The scripture says that, “All things work together for good.” Even when the things around us doesn’t seem good, the end is still on to goodness.

The power of God is powerful enough to turn what looks like evil into good. We must look to the throne that is beyond the one of this world. God promises that, He would raise up the tabernacle of David. We must understand that God is not talking about a physical tent. David built a trampoline and so it’s clear that God is not referring to a physical structure but to a way of life

I will give a little background to the tabernacle. God gave the children of Israel laws through Moses to constitute and help them to be patterned after heaven. When Moses received the law, he also received a pattern for the tabernacle which is actually the major thing he received.

The pattern he received divided the temple into the outer court, the Holy place, and the Most Holy place. He also enacted a priesthood that administered to the tabernacle.

The tabernacle was not just a building but a legal pathway through which God penetrated into the earth.

So God created the tabernacle solely to enter into the earth. Actually, the idea of tabernacle started from Abraham who is the father of Israel (where Israel came from). The idea of building a nation who God will call His people started when God called Abraham out of his swine slaughtering pagan people in the book of Genesis.

The tabernacle also became the power by which men came to God. It was the formulae through which God came to men and men came to God.

The tabernacle is also our roadmap to redemption.

The tabernacle is beyond just a normal building; it is actually an order of life that Moses downloaded into the earth.

The tabernacle also represents a gateway where heaven touches the earth and vice versa.

During the time of David, the idea of the tabernacle changed. At the time when Saul was King, the tabernacle of God was taken by the Philistines and Saul didn’t care. But when David came, he went to retrieve the ark back to Israel. When he brought the ark, he was concerned about where the ark will rest.

God said to Samuel to quit praying for Saul because he had found a man after his heart. This heart that is talked about here is not just pursuing the heart of God but what God meant is that, David has his kind of heart, that is, his heart was like God’s heart.

David is deeply touched when God is deeply touched. He knows what God wants because he has that same desire and passion that God has. The heart of David allowed him to fully gain entrance into the very heart of God.

Because David desired what God really wanted, he saw by the power of revelation another pattern which had only a section when compared to the pattern covenanted to Moses.

David built something that even Moses did not see. So we should ask, “How come Moses looked and saw a pattern and David also looked and saw a different pattern?

Moses built the tabernacle by looking into the heavens but David looked into the realm higher than the heavens – he looked into the realm of all things.

Ephesians 4:9-10 Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also descended first into the lower parts of the earth? He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things.

1 Kings 8:27 But will God indeed dwell on the earth? behold, the heaven and heaven of heavens cannot contain thee; how much less this house that I have builded?

There is the heaven, and there is the heaven of heavens.

This scriptures clearly shows us that there is a reality that is beyond the heaven. That heaven that is above the heavens is like an antitype that was used to build the heaven. It is the eternal heaven that generated the created heaven. (The heaven which we know about where the angels live are the work of his creation.)

After David had finished building the tabernacle, he desired to build God a house but he was not allowed. God said something like this, “The Heaven is my throne and the earth my footstool, which house do you want to build for me and where is the place of my rest? Had not my hand made all these?”

That means the whole of heaven as large as it is, is just the throne of God. The heaven is a place where spiritual governance is administered. It is clear that God cannot live in what His hands has made. In order words, God cannot live inside what He created because they are too little for Him.

He cannot live in space or time. He’s to big to squeeze Himself into space because space is His creature and so is time. God is outside time. He surrounds time. Time was created to be disposable and we can see that in the Book of Revelation when the angel said, “There will be time no longer.

That reality is the one David looked into and built the tabernacle from. That reality is beyond creation. God does not live in what he created because He is beyond everything that He created.

Jesus told His Disciples that “Unto you is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom.” There are mysteries that pertain to the kingdom and it is given for us to know these mysteries.

To know these mysteries requires a kind of priesthood, so as to gain knowledge into the mysteries. Do we ever wonder why occultic men tend to own the whole influence and money in the world? Do we ever wonder why the world seem to succeed and gain glory better than the children of light?

We see the occultic men tapping into several knowledge and mysteries and are not afraid to go there but the church tends to shy away from many things that they should know. Most times in our church setting, we accept that these people are the owners of all the wealth in the world and you wonder why Christians (the body of Christ), does not have influence in this world.

We must breakout from that mentality because being a Christian does not count for nothing. We are in the Trinity. We are in fellowship with the Godhead. Is that less than the occultic? No it is not.

Another major reason this happens is because we have not tapped into the mysteries of the kingdom. An example is Solomon who tapped into wisdom and then brought things from heaven into the earth which made other kings to come and see its glory. Queen Sheba who was royalty, fainted because of what she saw.

Moses also tapped into something that made him lead a nation from one continent to another. He fed them with heavenly resources, clothed them, protected them with a cloud and pillar of fire for forty years.

These men were able to tap into something that is beyond this earth. There was something they saw that guided them when they lived. There are many of them in the Bible. We can also talk of Paul who converted the whole of Asia for two years.

If you don’t know the mysteries of the kingdom, we’ll just be practising Christianity as a mere religion.

Moses desired to see God face to face. That was a high desire to seek for. Moses desired to see the era before creation – the reality where God is, that reality where God exist by Himself, that reality of the beginning.

Do you ever wonder how that reality feels? A place where you can’t phantom time or the space of that existence? No philosopher can answer that question. It is from this uncreated existence that God moves.

…So the beginning started… And God created heaven and the earth. We know that this beginning cannot be defined because we don’t even know how the beginning began. Moses stood upon a mountain and saw how everything began. Moses saw a dimension that was outside of time. This is possible because God does not live in time; time is in Him.

We can’t really define that creature called time. We must understand that our Father created time and so we must know how to control it because we are also beyond time. We must open our minds into spiritual things. If we can believe that witches fly, why can’t we believe that there is a greater reality in the church?

What is the extent of the power of God in your mind?

We must learn to shine the light that is in us in every aspect because darkness is simply defined as the absence of light. Whenever the children of light are not shining in a place, darkness will take over that place. We must open our minds to begin to shine the glory.

We’ve seen so many of the occultic people making use of a glory that is false; that should stop because we are the carriers of the true light.

We have been saying that, God wants to build that type of life that He built in the time of David. We are coming to the place where there is no division between the heaven and the earth.

God is rebuilding again the tabernacle of David. While the Mosaic tabernacle was standing, David built another tabernacle that was totally different from that of Moses because he elevated his eyes into a different reality outside of time.

We are learning to gain control of time. We are learning to redeem time in our days. That word redeem speaks about living outside of time and gaining mastery of time. God is showing us that, in order to live right now, we must take hold of a key called time.

We are not made to live under the influence of time. God has given us the ability to make use of time as we desire. Jesus said, “The sabbath was made for man and not man for the sabbath.” That means time was created for us to be able to make use of it.

The reason why we grow old and die is because we still live under time. An example of this are those scientists that went into a space shuttle and went outside of time. When they came back, it was discovered that they still looked almost exactly as how they left the earth while their mates on earth had already grown much older.

What happened in this example was that, those scientists went into a place where time was manipulated and so it did not have so much mastery over them. What then is our lesson in all this?

We must understand that time can be an enemy and can make us not live our lives to the full if we don’t gain mastery of it. We must begin to touch the age to come by not living in subjection to time because living in subjection is as a result of the fall and we must come out of it.

We must learn to live before God and bring in the realities of God into the earth, and one of the keys is redeeming the times. Gaining mastery of time is actually our key to immortality.


Pastor Ernest Paul