Since the recent resurgence of the supernatural, especially among the emerging and emergent generations  God  has  graciously multiplied  visions  and  revelations among  us.  The  purpose  is  so  that we may no longer be blind; so that we can  walk in  greater accuracy ,  so that  we can  engage  the  spirit  realm with greater precision, so  that  our choices  and  decisions  would  be intelligent  and  informed,  so  that ultimately ,  we  can  partner  with  God to  get  His  will  done  on  earth.
In this edition of Seer Monthly  we bring  you  visions,  revelations  and dreams  from  our  trusted  friends who  are  members  of  COSAPP .  Let this  ‘intel’  do  more  than  inform  you; let  it  form  the  basis  of  your  spiritual actions  for  the  season.  Amen.

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