Seer monthly is a prophetic journal of the Council of Seers and Prophetic People (COSAPP). The church of God in Nigeria has very recently witnessed a massive surge in prophetic anointing, a new undergrowth of seers and prophetic people are beginning to emerge in our spiritual landscape having strong favour with heaven. Some of the prophetic experiences that have been reported to me are nothing short of amazing.
These prophetic people have remarkable prophetic encounters that parallel any such ministries elsewhere. God has been talking to them, giving us spiritual intel through them and I believe God no longer wants us to be ignorant about spiritual transactions within our spiritualscape. it is my honour to present you with some of the revelations some of these folks have been receiving, especially as we seek to seer clearly what God has planned for the spiritual season we find ourselves in. The purpose is for spiritual guidance, direction, warfare and intimacy .

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