The story is told of two young men who boarded a ship and traveled for weeks on the high seas, surviving on nothing but crackers, molten bread and water when all the while they could have had the choicest of wines, eaten a buffet three times daily through their entire trip.

They never read the ticket, never found out on time that they had access to everything on board. They assumed that the ticket only covered the expense for the travel. They needed somebody to tell them, ‘boys, all things are yours!’ Unfortunately that person told them too late, just at the close of the voyage.

Don’t wait until it’s too late in life before you realize that all things are yours.

A spiritual generation is about reaching maturity. Soon they would be emancipated, out, released to outward profession of the Kingdom in power. They are the product of several years of spiritual impartation and divine processes. Their fathers, instructors and mentors are likewise the product of a Benetton of impartations. They’ve all drank from several pools. The children must learn on time that all things are theirs.

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