Embracing The Kingdom – 1

The kingdom is not just a word, it is a realm of life and another intelligence that circumscribes my life, and feeds and nourishes what I have. If you are in that kingdom and obey the laws of that kingdom, you will be blessed. It is a whole system that we submit to. When we pray ‘let your kingdom come,’ we are not just reciting the Lord’s Prayer; we are saying ‘let my life exist inside the power of that kingdom.’ Let me be here and live in the reality of another energy all my life. We don’t bother about degrees or godfathers; they are not the ticket to the future.

Woe to you if your life is all about this world and this system, you invalidate the coming of the kingdom. A time is coming when those who are comfortable in this system will no longer be comfortable in it. The prophecy of scripture says ‘darkness will cover the earth.’

The end times may be a troublesome time for some but not for us. He didn’t choose us to suffer as the world in these times; He kept us to show forth His life in this time. Meaning, there is a way to live in these times. There is a power totally above it. Will you submit to it? That was Paul’s story. He was shipwrecked, bitten by a snake and he didn’t react like anything had touched him. He was struck in the natural but his system was obeying another law of life. Let Christianity be real to you.

Isaiah 2:2-3

In the last days the mountain of the Lord’s temple will be established as the highest of the mountains; it will be exalted above the hills, and all nations will stream to it.

The mountain of the Lord’s house is the governmental dimension of the Lord’s house and the Lord’s house is His Church. There is a governmental expression of His house; a house that connects to a throne that is invisible and exerts influence on the earth. The house shall be established, it shall be set on top of the mountains. The ‘mountains’ this shows that there are other powers and spheres of influence, but there is a particular power that will supersede all other powers. It will be exalted above all the hills and all the nations will rush into Him. It will be a massive migration into what they see in the church.

When they said, ‘Let us go to the mountain of the Lord, let us learn His path, for the law shall come forth from Zion,’ it meant they were ready to be commanded. They were ready to check themselves into obedience to the Law of God. The laws of God will save you. You may have a wild nature and not like to be told what to do but an ungoverned man will not go so far. If you are not governed you won’t know who you are and you will not see your flaws.

You will fetch more from within you if you check yourself into God’s government. The greatest government is the government of the Law of God. It will reveal Christ through you. Christ is the software that runs the universe of God. The operating system inside of God is called CHRIST. God is Christ. The law in God as well as the power, wisdom, and light in God is Christ. God says we can have Christ. Christ is an opportunity to grow up into God in all things.

Pastor Ernest Paul