Daniel is a figure of Defiance; He that expressed the heart of God. Defiance is a position; a posture in the Spirit. God is ancient. He does not change. He Himself has assumed a defiant posture. God is eternal “He is the same yesterday, today and forever” and so His principles are eternal. Like Daniel we will prevail and push back the evil of these days.

God is working inside of us. He is building us to withstand evil and push back in might. Man thinks they can overthrow God. That they can break down the church until it diminishes but the church has stood strong. It cannot die. It does not have the DNA of death because it proceeds from the Most High. We are kingdom enforcers!

Nebuchadnezzar was king of Babylon. A king above all the kingdoms of the earth then evil crept into his heart and he began to trespass outside his boundaries. God arouse to teach him a lesson that he is the king of and kings and the God of all the earth. He was driven into the forest for seven years and when he came out, he knew there was a Most High God who rules in the affairs of men. When you begin to touch the glory of the Almighty, the Lord steps in and rises against you. In the book of Daniel chapter 6, Belshazzar defied the vessels in the house of God and offered it to his own gods, and then the handwriting on the wall was set against him, which only Daniel could interpret. That same night, he died and his kingdom was taken away from him. God wants us to keep it simple and real. God is talking about defiance in these times because of the nature of the times.

Daniel 7 is a prophetic vision and writing about how the horn is making war against the saints and is prevailing. Nothing about the glory of the Lord covering the earth is visible right now. Instead darkness is covering the earth. The kings of the earth do not have answers to the economic crises and the violence on the earth. It seems that the ancient landmarks have been removed. What has been written in the books of prophecy is playing out and we cannot be ignorant of these activities. Daniel was told to seal the book for the end times and we are in the end times! Now the question is what manner of man are we supposed to be in these times? These great men of faith lived their lives without ever knowing that someday it would be told in the bible. God gave those prophecies thousands of years ago so that we would not be taken unawares. Therefore, it is ok that the earth is in darkness right now because God has a plan.

The Lord is putting a defiant spirit inside the earth that would defy its darkness; prophetic people that are connected to the Ancient of Days, people who would stand against the evil of these times. God is making us into warriors at the very backside of the wilderness. Your process is the very thing God is using to sharpen you, just as David killed the lion and the bear before killing goliath. The lions are for your devouring. They are not for your breaking but for your building up. Jesus did not descend from glory but He ascended into glory. We have the power to ascend into glory. God has empowered us. There is movement inside of us every day. We are confronting the world and the devil would find nothing of his in us.

Pastor Robyn Paul