Sometimes, the realities of life war against the word of the Lord received. You are tempted to forget the Word of the Lord given to you in the heat of an Anointed experience, but we must be conscious of the efficacy of the word of the Lord for us and in us, regardless of the circumstances around you.

When you are in midst of battles, you must know you are warring for the seed within. The seed of the word received would always go through a period of death and resurrection.

There is an attitude with which we receive the word, with great joy, then you suddenly walk into darkness and you wonder what is happening.

Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist and Heaven opened over them, the Spirit descended like a dove and rested upon Jesus. After such an amazing experience, He was taken by the Spirit into the wilderness. The witness of the Father over Him “this is my beloved son” was tested by the devil. The devil tempted him saying “if thou be the Son of God”.

But Jesus prevailed by the word of His testimony, and after His victory over the devil in the wilderness, He waxed stronger in the Spirit and His fame was noised abroad.

We are a people that walk by faith and not by sight, we hold on to the Word of the Lord , regardless of what we see or do not see.


Apostle Ernest Paul.

Senior Pastor,

Centreport Apostolic Centre, Abuja.

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