Believe the Doctrine and the Reality

Recently I had an encounter with my heart. I came face to face with a reality. I believe the doctrine and teaching of immortality but I was yet to embrace the reality that immortality was happening to me right now. The Lord told me, ‘you have to develop beliefs based on what you are being taught.’ Ask yourself, ‘what are my beliefs?’ Has that knowledge turned to a belief inside you? Some of us believe the doctrine but not the reality. Your belief will cause you to react for or against the laws of the earthly nature.

For example, we must take the issue of immortality seriously. Moses was 120 and yet he was climbing mountains. Why? It is because medical conditions are suspended in that realm of life. When you come into Zion you go from strength to strength. There is a law of the earth and there is a law in Zion. Convergence shifts the law of Zion into the law of earth so that Zion becomes the predominant force over all things.

Many of us feel we don’t want to be indoctrinated because we don’t want to get it wrong when in actual sense we already have beliefs seated within us that govern our lives. Some of us resist certain beliefs in order to avoid errors but can you allow yourself to be purged by the Spirit? The word is not going to profit you if it is not mixed with faith in your heart.

We claim we like the word but we like it from afar without a belief, we must understand that our lives revolve around our beliefs.

Can you allow yourself to be indoctrinated by faith? Are you passionate about anything? Don’t be passive people who are bible compendiums or bible analysts from the Greek or Hebrew dimension. Who analyze everything but inside them there is no faith. Believe something! Don’t be afraid to be a zealot for something. God does not like people who are not zealous. He told one of the churches in revelation, ‘be zealous and repent.’ Some of us are afraid of excesses as a result we don’t do anything at all. There is no profit in being passive.

Pastor Ernest Paul,

CentrePort Apostolic Centre.

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