“Thy kingdom come” is one prayer Jesus taught his disciples to pray since the days of the early church over 2000 years ago. They’ve been praying thy kingdom come, generation after generation; saints of God have prayed that prayer. I want to ask this question, “has that prayer been heard or is the kingdom still coming along the way, shouldn’t it be closer by now? If it says ‘come’ then it doesn’t mean ‘thy kingdom’ appear. ‘Come’ is indicating to us that there is a procession in movement toward us. If that is the truth, is the kingdom not supposed to be nearer to us right now than when they initially begun saying that prayer? I’m saying all this to say the kingdom of God is nearer.

You can use the word near and far for the kingdom. John the Baptist began saying, “repent for the kingdom of God is at hand”, and in another translation it says, “the kingdom of God is near.”  Near means it’s close by. “Now is your salvation nearer than when you first began”. When we first began salvation was afar off. As we moved towards it, there were a whole lot of things we didn’t know. We were ignorant, but as we go further into God and farther out into that realm, we find out that the proximity is closer. The kingdom of God is nearer us now, we have begun to smell it, and to feel it, and we have begun to discern the climate of the kingdom. The environment that governs the kingdom is all around us. We don’t need to get to heaven first before we can experience that. We have already begun to experience more of the kingdom.

I want you to agree with that. I want you to know that and if it hasn’t dawned on your heart yet, then know it now. Navigating the realm of the spirit after now should become very easy.

Heaven is here; heaven has fully downloaded into our realm. Now when I say heaven, I mean heaven as a higher reality not heaven as a planet. I am not speaking about ‘planet heaven.’ The realm of the Holy Ghost is a higher reality than the heavens, as we know it. There is a realm higher than the heavens; it is the realm of the Holy Ghost. It is the initial realm of God. It is that realm that has mastered the heavens and colonized the heavens. Have you ever seen a virus master your folder? It would capture your folder, highjack it and take it over. The realm of the Holy Ghost has taken over heaven; it has mastered heaven, so when you look at the realm of the Holy Ghost it appears very clearly as heaven.

Heaven is presently invading the earth. Heaven is more visible in the earth today than it’s been before. I’m so aware and conscious of the realm of the Spirit, and there are angels rejoicing over this declaration right now! They are happy that the church has finally gotten to this bus stop in the Spirit and that we are pressing farther on. You too can be conscious of that realm.

Isaiah 9:7 says, “… Of the increase of His government and peace, there shall be no end…”

Meaning His dominion, His coming, His reigning, and His administration are drawing closer, and increasing. There is no reverse gear to His coming. God is increasingly moving heaven’s things into the earth. Heaven is coming down.

John said, “And I saw the New Jerusalem coming down from God out of Heaven”. She was coming then, but it is a reality now! It doesn’t always have to be futuristic.

The realm of the spirit is also not a rational realm; the sequence of that realm is not straightforward, it is not logical. Computers have different ways memory can be stored, likewise in the realm of the Spirit also, not everything is nice or orderly. There are people who are very organized and they like everything line after line. And then there people who like everything scattered around them; actually to them when things are scattered, it is organized chaos to them; a lot of geniuses are like that.  Have you ever seen Albert Einstein study? The books are strewn all over the place, yet he wants it that way. It looks out of order but is not out of order in his mind. Human are humans and there are different operations, which God has put inside of man. My intention is to lose and free you to understand how the realm of the Spirit works because that is our realm. God is incrementally bringing heavens things to the earth and whenever God releases something upon the earth, it remains here in the earth. It remains to be acted upon and engaged, and then passed on to another generation who will continue to expand it. I’ll give you a typical illustration. In the book of revelations, round about the Throne of God was a rainbow but after God made covenant with Noah, God took that rainbow that was around the throne and brought it into the earth. For the first time He put the rainbow on the earth and since that time up till today we still see rainbows. It wasn’t there before, but God took something from the Throne and put it in the earth and now it has become a part of the human race. It is here to stay. It is not going back.

Pastor Ernest Paul,

CentrePort Apostolic Centre, Abuja.

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