You must Know how to move in the spirit. When you move in the Spirit, you prosper. I’m reminded of a story in those days. There was this little country, they just installed a post office or communication house, and they needed to staff it. So they put out a notice that said, “If you know that you understand Morse code, please come for immediate employment; there’s a job vacancy for you. Only those who understand the Morse code need apply.” All the same, some people are hustling, some people are very optimistic, others need jobs, and so everybody with their CV gathered together. They stood right in front of the post office, chitchatting, waiting for the interview to begin. Some thought, “They would ask you, can you do it? And I’d probably lie and say, ‘yes’ or ‘a little,’” and sorts. Suddenly one young boy just jumped up from among the crowd, jumped on the stairs, opened the door, and went in. A few moments later he was back and he said, “A while ago, there was a Morse Code that said, ‘if you can hear this, come in and write your name; you’re the guy we’re looking for,’ and so I’ve gone in and I’ve written my name. The rest of you can go home now.”Likewise, the realm of the Spirit is in operation, for those of you who can get into the realm, get right in and get blessed; the rest of you can go home.

There’s a school of ‘the supernatural’ where you are to develop a greater awareness of the spirit realm. If you check yourself into the School of the Spirit, you will learn four (4) things. 1) You are going to come into possession of advanced discernment. 2) You are going to learn the laws that govern the spirit realm. 3) It will bring you the necessary impartation (grace or anointing) that would enable you function in the realm of the spirit. 4) You will actually begin to function in the realm of the spirit.

The spirit realm is not a ‘mystery’ anymore.

A thing remains a mystery when you do not understand how it works. When you understand how it works, it’s no longer a mystery. In other words, God is demystifying the spirit realm right now! God is demystifying it to us. The disciples of Jesus asked him, “Why do you speak to them in parables and then to us you would speak plainly?” He answered them and said, “So that seeing, they would see and not perceive, hearing they would hear and not understand. So I am coding the Word in parables to hide it away from them. But to you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom.”

So to them He gives mysteries; He mystifies, but to us it’s been given to know. So we have the ability to know. We can know how the Spirit realm works. Otherwise, no scripture should tell us to ‘walk in the Spirit.’ Romans 8 says, “walk in the Spirit.” As a young Christian growing up, I always wondered, “Why wouldn’t they show us how to walk in the Spirit?”

However, the realm of the Spirit is all around us we just aren’t conscious of it; we do not always interact with that realm. Another way you can understand this in your heart is that there is more grace given to interact with the Spirit or to know the realm of the Spirit and to function there. The Spirit realm has moved closer, it is seeking to interact with us. The realm of the Spirit is so close to us that the proximity of the Spirit has exponentially increased in our times. So we are interacting with the angels, we are interacting with the saints in light. There is greater light being shared on the reality of the Spirit realm. God is demystifying that realm.

Pastor Ernest Paul,

CentrePort Apostolic Centre.

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