Nobody ever told us where the limits lie
Because none had seen beyond what was given to them
All they ever painted was within the borderline of their vision
Faithfully delivering what has been delivered to them by the one who is beyond creation

I grew up in a ‘nation’ where all we do is swim
Moving against the tide and currents of ferocious mass of water
That was how we were taught to live
We abided by the code of life given to us until we got a rude awakening

There is something called land!
A reality in which people walk and live
They stand tall and erect like gigantic trees
Perfectly equipped to stand even in the midst of raging seas

After years of stumbling I learnt to walk
At First I tipped on my toes
Till I could balance my feet on my own
I became adept in the reality of standing tall
Years later I saw my water land
And I knew I could walk on it
For water to me was no longer as volume to me but solid
The higher education acquired has taught me a better way to live
Even in my past reality

Wait!! What if I was meant to walk on water all along!
But I only ‘swimmed’ because that was all I was taught?
What then will I teach the new generation coming after me?
That swimming is the only application to water? A big No

Having mastered the art of standing and walking
Be it on water or land
I suddenly begin to feel itches underneath my feet
Asking me is this all that there is to me?

I retorted ‘ but all I have ever known is to walk!”
They reply ‘that was before all you ever knew was to swim’!
Shocked at the reality dawning on me I became mute
Maybe this is not all that there is to me , I mused

Suddenly I found myself speaking to myself
If i must step into another reality then I must see it first
For who runs into the nonexistent but he that beats against the air?
I can only live the reality that I can see!

Ouch! That was close
Blatantly I just declared my blindness
My inability to see beyond the horizon that has been my reality these many years
I crumble in tears at my pathetic state
For I remain a captive of my current reality
Until my eyes begin to taste the light of a new day

Oh what wretched being I am!
A captive of a shadow of whom I ought to be
What I am even crying for I know not
But the itches beneath my feet pester my soul
They tell me I was made to be more than this
Whatever ‘more’ is I know not!

I decided to ask questions
How did we get here?
Who fashioned us and how?
For what purpose were we fashioned?

Then I heard about the uncreated creator
Who created the world and lavished it with his splendour
He fashioned me and hid my ‘manual’ in Him and Him
He told me I am a mystery that needs unravelling
But before I get to the true me I must see Him and Him by the help of Him!
Hey! I am not confused! I gotta see Him and Him by Him!
Talk about blessed complexities

I then ask my teachers ; have you seen the end of Him and Him by Him?
They said ‘No, but we have covered a great mileage
I asked ‘But is that all that there is to cover?
They said ‘No, but it is good to stay within ‘safe distance’ lest you go astray and wild

I was satisfied.
Their answers saved me from the stress of exploration
They can go ahead in their mileage
Am just gonna walk in their shadows
Little did I know I locked myself in a Prison and swallowed the keys

I lived in a reality that was not mine
I could not grasp the necessity to sojourn the land
Maybe wild was what I was made to be!
Yet cowered deep in Fear like a spineless being!

The itches never stopped but intensified
Strange thoughts of flying began to come to me coz I could take the irritation no more
But as soon the thoughts come my eyes bulge in their sockets; ‘who dares to think like that?!
That was the beginning of my exploration into another world

One day I decided to do a little bit of ‘LogiMatics’
If the great fashionista of my life is uncreated and he is daily evolving
Then this is not all that there is to me
And if he is bigger than us all
Then my teachers cannot tell me how far I can go
Coz ‘safety’ leaves me grounded in the comfort of my own laziness

So I decided to journey one day
To see the end of the land that lies before me as a plain
For we came to the shoreline of our
river-world before we knew what a land looked like
What lies after the plain I know not
But amidst the loud cymbal of my thudding heart I tell myself ‘I will rather die reaching out than live while dying out’

Amidst the controversies I stepped out
Into endless miles of plains I never even knew existed!
Rich scenery and landscape that appealed to my soul
And a deep consciousness of an unseen face leading me all along

Hey! I took my teachers’ maps along!!!
Study guides I have had to swallow over time
Painful but helpful lenses that help me detect a ditch
And super fast sneakers that help me run without a glitch’

For every new experience I see in this scenery
I thank my teachers who taught me well
And I thank the Face that led my there
I am under the creator’s blessings; I know that very well

Until…..I got to the end of the plain land!!!!
And I saw NOTHING!!!!!
I mean NOTHING!!!!
I got to the brink of another space or world, whatever you can call it!
Oh my! What have I entered?!

I was spell bound
How do I navigate my way around this ‘nothingness’ I ask?
For all I have ever known to do is swim and walk
How do I respond to this new reality before me?

Then the itches came again
That annoying reminder that I have over spent the need for my feet
What would you have me do?! I shouted into the empty space
Amidst the turmoil I heard a faint sound I could have lost if it didn’t chose to stay a micro sec longer
I heard ….’FLY’

Just then I saw huge birds coming at me!!
Boy, did I run?!
But my pitiful itchy feet were no match for their strong wings
They landed before me and…….
They were like me!!!!
This ruddy looking dude spoke to me
‘Come let me help you to fly’

I followed him to the edge of the cliff
Then I stopped
‘On one condition, tell me the next reality after flying!!!!
He laughed ‘You create your next reality, just like you created this the moment you ended the other one!
Something in you called for something higher than the known.
The cry for it was birthed in you all along.

Mehnn… I was dumb
I looked at my pitiful self and wondered what am gonna ‘CRY’ for next!!
Am real tired of this suspense
I told the flying dude; Teach me how to fly!
He pushed me off the cliff!!!!

You know what happened……
I never knew the itches where ‘sprouting wings’ under me
Unknown abilities that were pointing out the ‘new me’

So here I am scribing from the air
Telling you of the ‘new’ life I have found
But it was never new in the first place
It was prepared long ago for me to live
I am just taking hold of it now…slow me

Never mind the ‘time’ I got here
What matters is that his face led me here
And he is fashioning me to redeem time while in the air
Daily preparing me for a whole new realm

What the ‘new’ looks like I don’t know yet
Hey! That’s the meaning of ‘New’ right?
Not some ole fashioned gimmicks you can do from sleep
But a realm of life you navigate as Faith helps you breath

All I wanted to share is one thought
But I needed to show my various walks and stops
That you may see that regardless of how far your sight can see right now
No one has got the borderline
The Endless one is the borderline

  1. February 18, 2017

    Hallelujah 🙌

  2. February 19, 2017

    wow! awesome

  3. February 19, 2017

    wow!woow!! am blest!!!..

  4. March 6, 2017

    Comment Glory to God!!!

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