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1st kings 7:10. Every one of us is a representative of a divine interface where eternal life expresses itself. We see from the patriachs in the bible, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and so on that they were able to reach into certain dimensions of God and take it. God acquired the name of David for himself. Paul became a gateway. He bacame a depot of divine resources. What testimony, what power would God cause to flow through us? We would be men and women of reknown. We are the treasures inside of God. Centreport is a house of treasures. An unfolding. We are carriers of Elohim. A rare breed for these last days.

The victory in our life is tied to the ability to walk in the spirit.

It is the spirit that quickens. Every time you respond to the spirit, life is generated. The government of our life is the government of the spirit. We have the ability to hear its impulses, to hear the voice of the spirit, to listen to its wind. We are sensitive to its stimulations. One of the principal words we are contending for this season is finance. To us in centreport, it is a mantle. A divine energy. A throne. It would require an anointing for it to happen. Many of these things are in the dispensation of angels.

Prophet Babs said finance for us is not by idea but by power.

Last week, the spirit of justice came upon me so strongly. Yesterday the burden came upon me again. The Lord started showing me the trigger which I would share very soon. We take delivery of that conversion power. The purpose of wealth has to be established inside of us so we do not consume it in our lust. If you have not been conquered self, the Lord would withhold it from you. True riches come to you when you are subject to the holyghost. We recieve fully the mental operations of the Lord. Amen.

P. Robyn

I believe what the holyghost wants to do with us is to bring us into wholeness. Lets allow God to pass us through whatever process that would bring us into wholeness. We need to be ready for what God wants to give us. Let us pray for capacity. Sometimes its the vessel that is too small to contain his glory. We pray for expansion of capacity to recieve all that God wants to give us . That our vessels fulfil his purpose. Sometimes we shield God away by the way we see him. We need kingdom mindset in the sense that we carry the purpose of God and not our own. When that dawns on us, we would not fight over small things. Our processes would begin to become our reality that would changes and shapes us. We are no longer external beings but internal beings. What drives us is no longer our belly but the spirit. Deut 8:18–We should take note that the financial throne is not going to be by enterprise. Its not going to be by might, but by the power of the Lord. It is a gift from God to us. Do not struggle to see how it would be. Thats the way of babylon. The multi marketing way. Let us just connect to his power for God is able and he has strategies. He would open channels. Let God be our sole source. We recieve the next level of our life from him. You would work a little, and you would have more. Not the hardwork and stress of this world as that would produce little in this times but sufficient grace would be dispensed to us.

God created man into rest and he has not changed his mind. He does not function according to the economy of where you come from. The Lord would reshuffle everything and when the dust has settled, a redistribution and reallocation of resources would be given to us. Real estate is one of the things God has promised us in this house. Let us disconnect from babylon and plug right into God.

Seed is what you take from your bread to sow. We want to have more than enough. If you have seed, you would always have bread. It brings forth many for you to eat and to sow again. When we begin to carry the purpose of God, he gives us what can fund his purpose and not just what you would eat. Let us pray to God to rewire us so that we can recieve more from him and not just for ourselves. We want to be a people that give to nations. Every time we operate the principles of God, it yeilds. Let us pray that the Lord takes out selfishness in us so we can be a blessing to people.
The spirit of God wants to take hold of something. Like a defining moment in the spirit. He wants to bring us to a level of maturity we have not known before. When the eagle wants to renew its youth, it goes into a silent place and begins to shed. Let us ask the Lord to shed this outer process and phase of life into another phase. Let the Lord shed us from everything that makes us less than the man we are made us to be. Amen!

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